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Home Theater System

  • Wharfedale D300 Series Home Theater System
    Model No:- D300 Series
    Brand:- Wharfedale
    The D300 Series incorporates the most advanced drive unit systems ever seen in such an affordable loudspeaker range. For the bass/mid drivers, the latest generation of Wharfedale’s long-established woven Kevlar® cones are bonded to a super-lightweight surround made of hi-tech foamed polyether, delivering remarkable clarity, texture and musical expression. These cones are driven by a super-long-throw voice coil motor system, enabling low-frequency linearity and accuracy that is exceptional for such low-cost loudspeakers. The use of a specially shaped one-piece pole plate _tted with a copper cap reduces inductance and controls the magnetic _ux, ensuring low distortion through the critical midrange area. Oversized ceramic magnets – a technology pioneered by Wharfedale in the 1960s – ensure high sensitivity, smooth response and absolute control of cone movement over lower bass frequencies. The driver assembly is mounted in a specially designed basket with a network of ribs to increase rigidity, thus improving transient impact. A large open area behind the cone reduces early re_ections and allows the internal cabinet absorbent to do its work. Crossover and cabinet design The output of the drive units is carefully combined by a thoroughly researched crossover developed using Wharfedale’s advanced software and listening Iteration system. Each crossover is carefully evaluated using a wide range of music, with the emphasis being on the lifelike reproduction of voices and instruments in addition to the dynamics of the musical performance. Crossover components features lo-loss polypropylene capacitor and laminated core inductor for optimum transfer of the music signal.

  • Wharfedale Diamond Series
    ModelNo.:- Diamond Series
    Brand:- Wharfedale
     Diamond 11 features massive magnet designs to both raise sensitivity and ensure absolute control of cone movement over lower bass frequencies. In addition the use of a specially shaped top plate with copper cap controls the magnetic flux and ensures low distortion through the critical midrange area. Then there is the suspension which features a lightweight progressive foamed surround, in conjunction with a super-long-throw voice coil motor system, to achieve unparalleled linearity and accuracy in this sector of the market. Nor have we forgotten the high frequency performance. A similar over-size ceramic magnet system is used for the HF unit, again featuring a copper cap for flux control. And, here, the pole piece is vented through to a specially shaped rear chamber. This provides a low resonant frequency ensuring wonderful linearity throughout the operating system and allowing the textile dome to provide lucid midrange performance in addition to precise high frequency detailing. The Diamond 11 utilizes a new Wide Frequency Response (WFR) vented HF design. By utilizing a custom machined vented pole plate exiting into the large sealed rear chamber, the WFR design can extend down to frequencies below 0.5kHz before rolling off. This results in cleaner more detailed vocal presentation and smoother transitions into the MF/LF.

  • Wharfedale M Series Speaker System
    Model No.:- ML-100, ML-200, ML-400
    Brand:- Wharfedale
    - Wharfedale brings their expertise to provide more option with the realms of M-series installation of speaker for commercial and personal uses. Offering comprehensive solution either discrete in-wall, in-ceiling or on-wall installation speaker, the M-series has been designed to blend around your space décor. The new range of installation is ideal for getting the tremendous theater surround sound experience for you home cinema or multi-room system without the bulk or restraint of conventional speaker design, allowing any installation to be as elaborate or discrete as necessary. It allows you to save floor space and avoid the clutter of floorstanding speaker too.