BAS/ BMS (Building Automation/ Management Systems)

Integration with HVAC, Electrical energy meters, Elevators, Fire pumps, surveillance, storage tanks, STP, thermostats, plumbing/hydro-pneumatics, etc with automation graphic software ,HMI, Direct Digital Control DDC controllers and field instruments (sensors and transmitters) as well as actuators and VFDs, multi-protocol integration such as BACnet, TCP/IP, RS-485, Modbus.

The BMS system is used to monitor, control and configure all aspects of the building’s functioning via a central server and software. The BMS Graphics software is used to send initial and run-time configuration messages, as defined by the building management to collect all performance data, alarms and events so as to facilitate taking appropriate actions for controlling

Either Direct Digital Control (DDC) technology or PLC based panels are used to provide the functions necessary for individual control of all building systems and sensors.

This control system accommodate simultaneous multiple user operations with access limited by operator password. Ideally the GUI/Scada interface should be fully web enabled

The control system should be designed such that each mechanical system can operate under stand-alone control as a failsafe in the event of a network communication failure or the loss of another controller

Communication between the BMS, the control panels and all work-stations should be over TCP/IP high speed gigabit peer to peer network

Typical Building functions controlled & monitored:

  • HVAC System integration (Temperature control, AHU control, Basement Ventilation, Damper Control etc)
  • Monitoring and control of central exhaust and make up air units.
  • Plumbing/Hydro-Pneumatic Systems Monitoring & Control including Control and Monitoring of the domestic water transfer and booster pumps for plumbing
  • Monitoring of life safety elements such as stair pressurization fans, smoke extraction/Jet  fans, sprinkler pumps, Deluge Valves, water curtain pumps etc
  • Electrical System Integration
  • Multifunction Energy Meters Integration with KWH Energy Meter Monitoring with UPS Monitoring
  • DG System, DG microprocessor integration for DG parameters monitoring
  • Fire Fighting System, WTP/STP Monitoring
  • Elevators control and Monitoring Integration
  • Monitoring of water tank Level