Home & Office Security And Alarm Systems

Professional wired, wireless and hybrid burglar alarm systems, Passive infrared motion sensors, Glass break and magnetic sensors, GSM and PSTN auto voice dialers.

You want more than a security system and you want a total solution that helps your family feel safe. At ISPL (Iridium Solutions Pvt Ltd), your peace of mind is our first priority. Our security consultant works with you to design a system that provides unrestricted use of your home, yet a high degree of protection. Because no two homeowners share the same exact needs, we help you understand the products and services that will meet your needs, and then recommend a level of protection to accommodate both your concerns AND your budget.

We always offer customer centric solutions which are entirely need based and hence inherently cost effective.
Before your system is designed, we help you take the following steps:

  • Determine your true goals: Property Protection? Personal Protection? Will you use the system at all times, or mostly when you are away?
  • Perform a complete external review of your property. Determine where your home may be vulnerable. Think like a burglar, where would you attack?
  • Walk through the interior of your home. Identify key areas where valuables are located. What may be done to make those areas less noticeable and more protected?

Once you have this information, ISPL. will create an easy-to-use, affordable, versatile and reliable system, backed by ISPL's unique customization capabilities.

Located near doors, windows and other selected areas of your home, perimeter protection devices comprise your first level of defense. Typically, these products are designed to react to any attempted forced entry into your home.

The proper device to install depends on factors such as your home's construction, your lifestyle, the product's limitations and price. Some of the devices include:

  • Door Contacts - Magnetic contacts that can be attached to or recessed within the door frame to detect movement.
  • Window Contacts - Like door contacts, these are magnetic devices that detect windows being opened.
  • Vibration Sensors - Mounted on the window frame, these devices react to vibrations that are created if someone attempts to break or they shatter the window.
  • Audio Discriminators (Glass Break Sensors) - Frequently, several window openings can be protected by installing a device that will sense glass breaking. These devices are typically located near the openings they are intended to supervise.
  • Motion Detectors - These devices detect movement within specified areas. They can be used to automatically illuminate an area or to emit an audible alarm.

If you intend to use your system primarily when you are away from home, interior protection is an economical way to get high levels of protection. ISPL. installs only the highest quality (pet immune) interior protection devices.

  • Motion Detectors - These devices are designed to detect movement within a specified area by detecting moving body heat or changes in patterns of reflected energy, or for the greatest stability, a combination of the two.
  • Interior Doors - Homes designed with interior doors that can be closed may be protected by installing magnetic door contacts.


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