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Firefighting System

I have listed a few design code and references of relevance for Fire protection systems:

IS NO Title
2190 2010 Selection, installation and maintenance of first-aid fire extinguishers — Code of practice (fourth revision)
2189 2008 Selection, installation and maintenance of automatic fire detection and alarm system — Code of practice (fourth revision)
15301 2003 Installation and maintenance of fire fighting pumps — Code of practice
13039 2014 External hydrant systems— Provision and maintenance — Code of practice (first revision)
3844 1989 Code of practice for installation and maintenance of internal fire hydrants and hose reels on premises (first revision)
15105 2002 Design and installation of fixed automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing systems Code of practice

I have made a Pre-NOC check as best practice for reference of fellow industry professionals:

1 There should be 6 meters entrance clearance for fire tender and perimeter
2 Ensure Protection of exits using fire rated check door
7 Should make sure Fire-resistant doors for all service shafts (local authority)
8 There should be Ventilation for staircase areas
9 Install and integrate Automatic fire detection and alarm system
10 Fire Extinguishers must be located and installed at key areas.
11 Smoke Management (exhaust) System should be implemented for basements as well as foyers.
12 Public address system/Announcement System should be installed and integrated to announce in case of emergency.
13 Automatic sprinkler system for fire protection should be implemented in basements, hollow plinth, foyers and other areas (depending on build height)
14 Internal hydrants and yard hydrants should be installed.
15 Ensure Pumping arrangements in premise as per code and standby diesel pumpset
16 There should be FBI (Fire Brigade Inlet) provision at each premise entry/exit point
17 There must be Captive water storage for firefighting (tank size should be as per water calculation) minimum 50kl
18 Exit and Emergency signages should be located in the passage and key areas.
19 Make Provision of separate Fire lift
21 Ensure that Refuge areas are there
22 Fire control room should be there for monitoring activities.
23 There should be Evacuation Plan with exit routes and assembly point marked on each floor
24 Ensure Basement Ventilation System
25 There should be Special fire protection systems for protection of special risks
26 CO (Carbon Monoxide) Sensor should be installed